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International Amazon Alliance Meeting

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The International Amazon Alliance met in Brussels at the beginning of November.

GMB National Officer Kevin Brandstatter attended on behalf of GMB Union.

You can read his report from the event via the button below.

Amazon Alliance Bulletin

GMB Union calls for solidarity and support for colleagues in Coventry

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GMB members working for Amazon across the UK are joining in support of colleagues working at the Coventry Fulfilment Centre who are currently campaining where they work to demand a minimum wage of £15 per hour.

On Black Friday messages of support are being sent from all corners of the country to Amazon staff in Coventry as they meet between shifts to build their campaign and rally their support.

What you can do to help:

  1. If you work at Coventry make sure you return your ballot paper voting for strike action (its in the orange envelope sent to your home address). GMB would prefer to do an online ballot for strike action but Government rules prevent this and insist on a postal ballot.
  2. If you work for Amazon in another site get together with your Amazon colleagues and send a message of support to the Coventry site using this link: Click to send your support
  3. Talk to your Supervisor, colleagues and staff reps where you work about the GMB campaign for £15 an hour and the strike ballot at Coventry to raise awareness
  4. Make sure your voice is heard – ask any Amazon managers you know to agree to meet the GMB
  5. Use your social media accounts to raise awareness and support for the strike ballot.

Keep an eye on this bulletin board for more updates

Data Surveillance, Overwork and Pay at Amazon

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GMB is part of an international alliance involving trade unions from 19 countries building unions within Amazon. Trade Unions in the EU are challenging Amazon about the amount of data it collects on Amazon workers, whether direct or agency employees.

Under EU and UK law workers have the right to know what information Amazon holds on workers, how it is collected and what it is used for.

The survey in the link below will help GMB with securing information from the company but will also give us information about how Amazon’s data collection affects GMB members. Please complete and return the survey.

As with previous union surveys in relation to your working hours, pay and conditions we will report back on this website to help you build GMB where you work.

GMB will shortly be launching legal action against Amazon under the “General Data Protection Regulations”, which is the law Amazon must follow when collecting information on its employees

Please complete the survey via the link below:

Complete the Survey

Amazon responds to GMB pay claim

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As workers across the country face the grim reality of the cost of living crisis, GMB members in Amazon have called on the company for a proper pay rise.

GMB has issued a pay claim for £15 an hour and access to Amazon workplaces by the union.

Numerous MPs have contacted Amazon in support of this and the company have made a number of claims in response.

Below we list what the company is claiming and what Amazon workers say:

Company claim – They offer pay rates at the higher end of the retail sector.

Workers say - The pay offer amounts to as low as 1% for many Associates. The pay rates fall well short of current rates of pay in logistics across the UK.

Company claim - They pay above the living wage.

Workers say - As one GMB member reported when speaking on behalf of many others:

“We cannot live on their ‘living wage’. We either have to work all the hours we can on overtime or claim in work benefits to make ends meet”.

Company claim - They offer paid breaks among other benefits such as overtime.

Workers say - Paid breaks are a minimum legal requirement not an offer from Amazon.

Company claim - They offer a staff discount scheme worth thousands of pounds.

Workers say - The staff discount scheme benefits very few people and take up is low.

"The benefits don't really provide a benefit to me, I've never been able to get any use out of them".

"I discussed the benefits package with associates as part of the forum, but the feedback was that it wasn't worth anything to them".

"Once you meet £100 in discounts that's it for the year".

Company claim - They offer access to training bursaries

Workers say - GMB members consulted were unaware of this offer.

Company claim - They respect the right of staff to join a union without fear of retaliation.

Workers say - Amazon staff live in fear of reprisals if the discuss the union, talk to GMB members at their workplace entrance or dissent.

It’s clear – Amazon workers deserve better.

GMB submit pay claim to Amazon

Posted on:

Amazon workers deserve a decent pay rise. They are the backbone of the company – one of the most profitable on earth.

GMB has submitted a formal pay claim to the company, asking for a real terms rise.

You can read the pay claim submitted to Amazon at the link below.

Read the pay claim

Past bulletins

GMB Newsbrief No14/ 2021

Posted on:

Thank you to those GMB members who have joined GMB Union over the last few months. It has been a difficult period for all concerned in the last year. New members have joined from a growing number of Amazon FC’s in the UK. Do pass the word around your colleagues regards how easy it is to join GMB Union online and obtain expert advice and representation when you most need it.

WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE: GMB Union Campaigning for Amazon workers: Thank You to GMB Union members at Amazon who over the years have sent in some great suggestions on what issues GMB Union should be campaigning on behalf of Amazon workers.

Members have complained about,

- Exhausting and punishing work schedules.

- Lack of toilet breaks.

- Lack of toilet and handwash facilities.

- Have suffered disrespectful and bullying treatment by managers.

- Have been abused when they complain about the lack of safe working.

Amazon workers need a union such as GMB Union, so that we can help workers. If enough workers join GMB Union then GMB can apply for a formal recognition agreement that will enable Amazon workers to have negotiated pay and benefits, and H&S framework agreement to protect your and your colleague’s safety.

GMB - PARLIALMENTARY INVESTIGATION: We have many examples from Amazon workers of the company breaches of safety, of ambulances visiting sites and taking workers to hospital, and we have too many examples of women workers suffering miscarriages at work, and many examples of managers' bullying behaviour.

We have been campaigning to hold the company to account within the UK Parliament and UK MP’s so that we can address the concerns of our GMB members at many Amazon sites. We will keep you informed of progress on this matter.

You can add your views to this growing campaign by going to the GMB Website and Sign the Petition. Please pass this on to your work colleagues, family and friends and get them to sign too.

Amazon workers are not robots | GMB

Join the GMB Union or get in touch and talk in confidence.

Phone 0207 3916713

Yours in solidarity

Mick Rix
GMB National Officer


GMB Newsbrief No15/ 2021

Posted on:

You may have heard that GMB Union has launched a major campaign for Union Recognition at Amazon FC’s in the UK. We have been representing our growing GMB Union Members in several Amazon sites for a few years and we have had many victories and saved many workers' jobs. However, many workers are suffering injuries still, and many workers are still being picked up in an Ambulance injured at work and taken to a Hospital. This is unacceptable in a modern 21st Century workplace.

We have as a trade union listened to our Amazon members and we are investing seriously in a major organising campaign this year which covers several Amazon sites with the intention of obtaining a legal union recognition.

By having many more GMB Union members we can then apply for the legal union recognition agreement to cover Amazon workers. GMB Union Power can be an even more powerful force for good, where we can improve your Pay and Benefits, your Working Conditions, your Safety and help you to be treated with Dignity and Respect. Please do tell your workmates at Amazon.


GMB Union Campaigning for Amazon workers “We Are Not Robots”: Please will members pass this on to other Amazon workers, and your family and friends? Help make this campaign grow and become a great voice for change in your workplace. Please go to the GMB Website and get them to Sign the Petition below. Here is the link. Just copy and paste into your browser.

Talk to GMB Union: Amazon workers need GMB Union, more than ever. Covid has changed the world of work for ever. You are Keyworkers and you should be treated as Keyworkers. Get in touch and talk to GMB in confidence, we are here to help you. See the details below.

Join the GMB Union or get in touch and talk in confidence. Phone 0207 3916713 Email

GMB – UK Parliamentary Investigation: We will shortly be talking to MP’s about the problems and conditions that Amazon workers are faced with. The very same issues that you have told us about. A couple of Amazon workers who are GMB Union members will be giving evidence.

We are pleased that Jack Dromey, the MP for Birmingham Erdington, is helping GMB on this matter.

Yours in solidarity

Mick Rix
GMB National Officer


GMB Newsbrief No16/ 2021

Posted on:


We know the last 16 months have been an incredibly difficult and tough time for everyone. No one has been immune from the pandemic. The loss of those dear to our hearts has also been hard to take. I know members who I am writing to now who have had a terrible time with the covid illness and due to our fantastic NHS are here today.

GMB values our fantastic members, many of who like you have been essential keyworkers. You have really been on the frontline helping to keep this country going in the worst crisis since the second world war. Thank you.

We know at the beginning PPE was in short supply and the company were slow to put in place measures. However due to GMB member pressure in Amazon, slowly but surely we all pulled things around. GMB advice and guidance to industry has helped keep keyworkers safe and wherever possible, healthy too. That is why we want to see so much more for Amazon growing army of workers, who are also becoming GMB members.

What is GMB doing for you?

We are pleased to see Amazon putting up pay for some of the workforce. We have been saying to Amazon for sometime that pay needs increasing especially with all the hard work that colleagues put in.

We are pleased that Amazon are going to alter some of their system because GMB have been saying for sometime that the current systems of work especially around the pick are physically and mentally unsafe.

We have also been representing hundreds of members at disciplinary or grievance meetings. Many who are here today because of GMB expert representation.

One member wrote to us "The GMB Union has helped me with disciplinary meetings and has me with standing up against the wrong doings of some in the company, and fights for our rights" Robert Rugely

Another member wrote to us "I think it is better to have a union representative with you, instead of an employee or social forum representative, because the union is there for your interest and will speak up for you." Adie Coventry

We know on Prime Day our members are further at risk of injury due to the volume and work orders.

That is one of the reasons we are launching the GMB Amazon Hub for GMB members and other Amazon colleagues.

Visit the GMB Amazon Hub

We have set up a special contact form so that you and other Amazon workers who need help or wish to report an issues such can do so urgently via the online form.

We will ensure we respond fully within 48hrs to your request.

You can see the GMB Amazon Hub at

Do let us know what you think, and let us know how we can improve your GMB Amazon Hub if you have any ideas. Please bookmark the Hub so you can easily get back to it as this will be the home of all things to do with our Amazon campaign.

Please stay safe, and please work safely too.

Yours in solidarity

Mick Rix

GMB National Officer


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