GMB Union - The Union for Deliveroo

The Union for Deliveroo

GMB is the trade union for Deliveroo drivers and riders.
Our members are making working with Deliveroo better.

GMB members in Deliveroo have access to a recognised union. With that, comes lots of benefits:

  • The right to be represented by GMB on issues at work including offboarding. In Uber, we get over 90% of members back on the platform.
  • A Joint Council with Deliveroo for GMB members to agree policies affecting earnings, safety, diversity and benefits.
  • Deliveroo sick pay for 2 weeks - currently £245 per week
  • The right to elect GMB representatives.
  • Access to GMB Motor Driver Fund for 25p per week, which pays up to 80% of parking and speeding fines.
  • Free GMB legal protection including no-fee injury lawyers.
  • A one-off grant from Deliveroo for new parents of £1,000.

If you are already a member, get in touch to get involved.

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