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GMB Political Fund Ballot

GMB's Political Fund ballot has now closed. Our members voted YES to keep their voice, keep campaigning, and keep making work better.

GMB's Political Fund ballot has now closed.

The result was a 96.52% vote in favour of keeping our Political Fund, on a turnout of 15.2%.

You can read the scrutineer's report here: Political Fund Ballot - Report of Voting

If you would like a printed copy, we would be happy to supply one to any GMB member free of charge.

The Political Fund is GMB’s campaign fund that is used to fight for the issues that matter most to our members.

It allows us to fight for GMB members not just in the workplace, but wherever power lies - from council chambers to our Parliaments.

The overwhelming support for keeping the Political Fund shows that GMB members recognise and value the importance of campaigning to make work better.

By voting YES, our members have ensured that GMB will keep its strong industrial voice, and a strong political one too.

Thank you.

GMB is campaigning to make work better.

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