Settled Status for EU workers


If you're a GMB Union member and find going through the process to apply for settled status difficult, give UnionLine a call on 0300 333 0303.

The outcome of Brexit remains uncertain for us all, but we know that for GMB member migrant workers this is an even more unsettling time.

Many members have been in touch to ask how GMB can help those who are unsure about their post-Brexit status in the UK.

What is settled status?

Settled status is a legal status for EU and EEA citizens that mean you can continue Iiving in the UK after Brexit. If you are an EU or EEA citizen currently living in the UK, you can apply for settled status 

How do I apply for settled status?

The application form for this is now online. You can see what the process is, and find more information, on the government website: https://www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families/applying-for-settled-status

The deadline for applying is 30 June 2021.

The government had planned to charge for settled status applications, but as of the end of March 2019, this charge was scrapped.  

How can GMB help me obtain settled status?

While GMB is not able to provide specific immigration advice, our law firm UnionLine is able to offer telephone assistance on settled status applications.  

If you find going through the process to apply for settled status difficult, give UnionLine a call on 0300 333 0303. 

What if my employer asks for proof of settled status?

You do not need to provide proof of settled status until the end of the year. Your employer should not be demanding this documentation before that time and you are under no obligation to provide it. The government has stated that EU citizens will not have to prove to employers they have applied for the EU Settled Settlement scheme or European Temporary Leave to Remain until January 2021.

Employers are currently only required to check the nationality of workers when they are employed, transferred under TUPE, or where a temporary leave to remain is due to expire.

Until January 2021, employers can only ask for a workers’ passport or national ID card as proof of nationality. You should approach your GMB reps or full-time officer who should make representations to your employer if they are asking EU workers to prove they have applied for the EU Settlement Scheme or European Temporary Leave to Remain before January 2021.

If your employer dismisses you because you have not provided proof of settled status, then there may well be a claim for unfair dismissal and/or discrimination that we could pursue, again please make contact with your rep as soon as your employer asks for "proof" of your settled status or starts acting in anyway that you find harassing or uncomfortable regarding your status within the UK.

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