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Thames Water - PAY SURVEY RESULTS 2022

Date: 17/05/2022


Thames Water - 2022 Pay Survey Results

Dear Member

We would like to thank GMB members for taking part in the recent GMB pay survey. There was a very good response, and the results will help formulate what goes into the 2022 joint unions' pay claim.

The key results from the survey are that GMB members are finding it harder to pay for day-to-day essentials and they want an above inflation percentage pay rise for all.

Pay talks with the company have been scheduled for June and, with prices rising rapidly and inflation set to hit 10%, this year’s pay negotiations will be of particularly significance.

The company has said it wants to discuss changes to the pay and grading structure. We will share this with you, when we can, and we will keep you informed of any developments.

There has never been a more important time to be a GMB member.

If you are not yet a member of GMB Union, you can join online www.gmb.org.uk 




National Officer



Date: 14/02/2022

NSTs  SOUTH  LONDON -Tier 3 Update

  1. Thames Water has 295 vehicles on order for Water Networks of which 14 of these are Automatics. They have a few Electric vehicles being trialled at present but they are not fully kitted out yet.  We are still trying ascertain where they are being trialled and by whom.
  2. Thames Water are in a leakage drive until the end of the financial year.
  3. Digital update, there are 4 depots at this moment in time where Hub Analysts & support Connectivity Techs will be attending on various days throughout the coming weeks to assist with I.T. issue's (dates and locations to follow when confirmed).
  4. There will be several depots where pool vehicles will be located for use when vehicles go into garages for servicing and/or MOT. The names of F.O.M.'s in those depots that will have the keys to these vehicles will be circulated to everyone shortly (F.O.M.'s will ensure they are kept maintained and in working order), if you happen to use one of these vehicles and there is a defect, please inform that FOM.
  5. Thames Water are still recruiting at all levels and departments across the company.

Lastly, and on a separate note, if you hear a rumour from a work colleague, please ask where they heard that, then call your Union Rep for clarification.  We hope to stamp out ‘scaremongering’ by ensuring that your GMB Reps have the opportunity to clarify, research or question any rumours that abound within TW.    


In solidarity,

Your GMB Rep Team


Date: 12/11/21

Infrastructure Alliance (IA) - Insourcing

Dear member

On Tuesday 9th November, Thames Water announced they would be exiting the Infrastructure Alliance contract. The IA are a group of contractor partners that provide multiple functions to the company, predominantly within Water Networks.

Bringing essential works back in-house is welcomed by the GMB union and is an initiative the joint unions have been lobbying for, within that business unit, for a number of years.

The GMB, along with the joint unions, have been working with the company over the past 12 months within the Water Networks Transformation project. We are currently fully committed to continuing with this dialogue, where our focus will be ensuring a smooth transition both for existing employees/members and those who will be joining the company within this restructure.

In Solidarity 


National Officer 

Date:  20/09/2021


Dear member

The GMB pay ballot on the company’s improved 2.25% pay offer has now closed and the votes have been counted. 

The result is

73% to Accept

27% to Reject

The GMB has informed the company that our members have voted to accept the improved offer. 

We would like to thank GMB members for taking part in the pay campaign and voting in the ballots. It made all the difference and got Thames Water to increase the pay offer. 

In Solidarity 


National Officer 


Date: 14/07/21


Dear Member 

The pay ballot has now closed and the result is in. GMB member have voted to reject the 1.75% pay offer. 

14% Accept 

86% Reject 

We have communicated the result to Thames Water and hope the company will take time to reflect, take on board the strength of feeling amongst its employees, and come back to us with an improved offer.  

Thank you for taking part in the ballot and having your say. We will keep you up to date on any developments. 

If you’re not yet a GMB Union member and want to be part of the GMB better pay campaign, you can join online at www.gmb.org.uk.

In Solidarity 



National Officer 


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