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Wienerberger Wage Claim 2020 / 21

Date: 12/10/2020

Dear GMB Member,

This short statement is just to confirm that the consultative ballot held recently in relation to your employers offer of 1% has been overwhelmingly accepted by GMB members.

I have notified your employer of this and asked that back pay and the implementation of the increase is completed as soon as possible.

As ever I thank you for your continued membership of GMB trade union in what are extremely difficult times due to COVID 19.

Please stay safe and if any issues arise on a health and safety front re: the pandemic then please notify your local reps.

Yours sincerely

Steve Kemp                                                               

GMB National Officer                                                 



Date: 28/09/2020

Dear GMB Member,

Firstly, I on behalf of GMB hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

GMB met with your employer on Tuesday 9 September to discuss your wage claim.

GMB had asked for a 3% increase to be considered by your employer.

Your employer stated clearly that due to the current economic climate and the forecasts predicted as to future market and commercial issues that a 3% increase was not available to offer GMB members.

Your employer is very concerned at the serious situation that the UK economy is in currently, and although sales have been positive recently, this is not going to last, indeed not all plants are back to work fully within Wienerberger, and Smead Dean was mentioned as one plant which will not be back to normal until October.

Wienerberger are currently still not at budget level forecasts and are 20% down, furthermore with the end of the furlough scheme ending shortly along with the end of the help to buy scheme - with no replacement scheduled - and also the end of stamp duty, your employer predicted in future a very bumpy road potentially to be navigated.

Your employer was not going to offer GMB members anything, but after consideration has agreed to offer

a 1% increase to be applied on all elements of pay. Your employer has stated that there is no more money available and confirmed this after questions by myself.

Given the dire economic circumstances as a consequence of the pandemic, and the outlook for the building industry and the predicted slowdown before the end of the year, this offer represents a CPI rate of inflation pay rise, and with the Bank of England recent predictions that inflation will come down further because of the recession then GMB can strongly recommend this increase to be accepted.

These are immensely difficult times where literally thousands of jobs have already been lost, the forecast from economic experts offers very little in respect of any improvements throughout 2020; indeed, they are predicting many more jobs will be lost. Whilst not ideal and no fault of GMB members we believe the protection of jobs is of paramount importance in these difficult and concerning times.

Given that social distancing to still in place and is set to become more prevalent please contact your local reps for any information required.

As ever thanks for your continued membership and on behalf of myself and your local reps keep safe and keep socially distancing.  

Yours sincerely

Steve Kemp                                                                         

GMB National Officer



Date: 26/03/2020

Dear GMB Member

The consultative ballot has been concluded and has resulted in an acceptance of the offer put forward by your employer.

I have contacted on your behalf your employer to state that the 2.5% plus the £20 payment be implemented on all elements of pay ASAP and the backdated pay be also implemented.

I wish to thank all GMB members in what was extremely difficult negotiations for their patience and understanding.

Yours in solidarity

Steve Kemp

GMB National Officer

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