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GMB Construction Members Covid-19 Message

Date: 27/03/2020

The government have said that construction sites can remain open. GMB are desperately urging government clarification and guidance for how sites should operate to keep construction workers and your family’s safe during this pandemic period.

GMB are clear our position is that all construction workers must be protected.

Suspended Work/Project

Where a project or job is suspended for any reason, employers should pay full pay from day one. If this is not in place then employers must apply the Government Grant Scheme of 80%, regardless of employment status i.e. directly employed fixed term contracts or temporary workers. We also call on all employers to implement the further 20%. There is no excuse for construction workers being laid off without pay or being made redundant!

Essential Build or Maintenance & Repair Work - Your Health and Safety

Where essential build or essential repair and maintenance work is continuing, then employers must work with our GMB reps to agree proper measures to ensure social distancing and safe working. It is more important than ever that employers comply with health and safety laws. There are legal requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the regulations that go with it that cannot be suspended just because of COVID. Sites should follow the Site Operating Procedures from the Construction Leadership Council – see the link below.


Visit our PPE FAQs page


See our full guidance on Covid-19


Here’s a check list of measures employers should be taking to keep you safe, save lives and protect our NHS.

  • Only essential workers and visitors to be allowed on site
  • Testing of all workers as soon as possible
  • Anyone with symptoms to be isolated and sent home immediately. They must not touch anything
  • Work groups to be thinned out / smaller work groups
  • Negotiated and agreed changes to shift patterns to avoid congestion & ensure social distancing
  • Staggered clocking in /off to avoid congestion
  • Staggered breaks and social distancing for canteen areas
  • Additional welfare facilities
  • Restricting numbers using welfare facilities at the same time
  • Making sure enough soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer is on site
  • Social distancing arrangements for cabins
  • Additional cleaning and hygiene regimes on site, to include welfare facilities and canteens
  • Anything provided to heat, cook or provide water must be regularly thoroughly disinfected
  • Setting up more rubbish storage points, and collecting rubbish more often during the day


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