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Dated: 12/04/2021

There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks over the support operative role at HPC. GMB remains committed to ensuring that the Hinkley Point project develops and trains the next generation of trades people for our construction industry, improving skills and standards and we are opposed to any move to deskill our members’ work and jobs.

As with NAECI projects, operatives play a pivotal role in the successful delivery of the project and so the Hinkley Support Operative role has been developed to continue this. The Bronze, Silver and Gold operatives translate to Grade 1, 2 and 3 within the NAECI agreement and the HPC project has presented a unique opportunity to facilitate operatives applying for and completing adult advanced modern apprenticeships after reaching the Gold Grade (NAECI grade 3).

Because HPC has the extended timeline that many NAECI projects don’t, operatives will have the opportunity to move through the operative training and then on to an apprenticeship, upskilling the next generation of construction worker and ensuring that this project produces an unprecedented amount of skilled, time served, trades people. There are already over 700 apprenticeships that have started on the project, and an additional 500 mechanical apprenticeships outside of the HSO route will be created during the mechanical phase of construction.

The training and timelines involved with the different operative grades will be to at least the same standard as NAECI operatives and will use an ECITB approved framework ensuring that the relevant NVQ level 2 & 3 standards are achieved and maintained.

To be clear, this is an additional pathway for our members to apply for an apprenticeship, once the correct level of operative training and assessment has been completed. It is not and will not be a deskilling exercise and will ensure that the project meets its promise of training up the next generation of trades people for our sector.

Brendan Stack – GMB Senior Convenor at HPC

Charlotte Childs – National Officer for construction and engineering


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Dear GMB Member,

Please be advised that the annual rate review has recently been endorsed by the HPC Joint Project Board by the Client, Contractors and Trade Union Partners. A summary of these changes are detailed below, and you will be advised by your employer separately of these changes if they affect you.

The base hourly rate will increase by 1.7% effective Monday 04 January 2021 for those individuals who work under the Civil Engineering Sector Agreement (CESA), Engineering Construction Sector Agreement (ESCA), Supervisory Sector Agreement (SSA) and Site Operations Agreement (SOA). This increase is calculated by using the 12-month RPI average rate from November 2019 to October 2020.

All other relevant travel and accommodation allowances mirror those set for the appropriate national working rule agreements in construction ECSA sick pay rates increase by 1.0% effective Monday 04 January 2021. This increase is calculated by using the 12-month CPI average rate from November 2019 to October 2020.

Nigel Cann
Programme Delivery
Director, HPC

Jude Brimble
National Officer

Jerry Swain
National Officer


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