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GMB Union Update - HPC Project


Dear member,

Please visit our website through the link below to read our dedicated section on Coronovirus:


Click here for the latest guidance 


The website will be regularly updated as the situation develops so please keep checking in.

You can also view a message from Tim Roache your GMB General Secretary here:


Click here to watch the video


We would like to assure you that Brendan Stack, GMB Union Convenor at HPC, is now meeting with Rob Jordan the Site Construction Director and others on a daily basis to discuss protections for our members.

Our number one priority is to ensure measures are in place to keep our members safe. 

Site cleaning has increased with G4S facilities targeting canteens, door handles, toilets, floors etc. Canteen staff are the only people who can handle food and all cutlery is now pre-wrapped and utensils will be changed every 15 minutes.

All visitors to site have been stopped where possible and any deliveries from abroad to site the drivers are not allowed out of their cabs.  

The situation will change daily and many other measures will increasingly be put in place to protect you. 

Please can we ask that all members pay close attention to the daily briefings from NNB. If you are unclear on any of the information, please can you speak to your nearest GMB Union Steward or Safety Rep as soon as possible. (GMB reps wear a black hi-vis jacket on site.)

Once again, please continue to check the GMB website for updates and pay attention to all information from your employer and NNB. We also ask our members to follow all medical advice (on the NHS website) to help protect yourself and others. GMB Union is on your side at this challenging time and we will work daily with NNB.

In solidarity,

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