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Find out more about GMB's work with the CSEU and the AFF as part of working for our members in Shipbuilding

The Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Unions (CSEU) and the Alex Ferry Foundation Trust (AFF)


About GMB's work with the CSEU in Shipbuilding

'The Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Unions (CSEU) was founded in 1890 and was set up in response to the the various employer federations. Over the years there have been multiple unions affiliated to the CSEU. However, in more recent years, mainly due to trade union mergers, there are currently four trade unions affiliated.

As well as our own individual GMB campaigns e.g 'Turning the Tide' Fleet Solid Support Ships (FSS), we also campaign jointly with other affiliate unions under the CSEU umbrella. This is predominately in the shipbuilding, aerospace, engineering, defence and steel industries.

There are also a significant number of collective bargaining or dispute resolution type agreements and arrangements in place under the CSEU. The overall aim of the CSEU is to campaign on issues that affect members in the above industries.

One of the most high profile campaigns that took place in the late 80's and early 90's, was what was known as the 35 hour week campaign. Essentially this was a campaign for a reasonable work life balance working week. Through collections made at that time, which GMB was a major player in, with added interest over the years there are millions of pounds in this fund, which are now held and used for charitable purposes by the Alex Ferry Foundation trust. 

In terms of GMB involvement within both the CSEU and AFF structures, GMB have seats on both Executive Boards taken up by both Officer and lay representatives. GMB also has a significant number of GMB Lay Activists and Regional Organisers who hold positions on local Area CSEU committees.'


Ross Murdoch

GMB National Officer

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