Civil Service Covid-19 Working & Office Reopening Documents

The Civil Service have produced documentation on managing risk and staffing during the Covid Outbreak, and for assessing any return to work. All documents are live and subject to regular updates and review, so please check the date on them when using them for industrial negotiations.


Important Documentation for Civil Service Reps & Members

Essential Services Guidance on Reducing Building Occupancy

Guidance for Facilities Management during Covid-19, particularly in relation to statutory and discretionary maintenance and remedial work to assets during the pandemic. Access it here.

Government Property Agency Resources

The GPA have produced a presentation on the return to office working and on smarter use of home working in response to Covid 19.

Property Related Risk Assessment

A Property Related Risk Assessment for Civil Service Sites.

Workplace Covid-19 Incident Framework

This incident framework applies once it is suspected or confirmed that there has been a case of COVID-19 in a government building. Access it here.

Checklists for Return to Site

An example of a checklist for making safe the office space for cleaners working on Civil Service sites.

There is also a broader Site Level Checklist for management.


Building Ventilation & Covid-19

The May 2020 Briefing on Covid-19 and building ventilation systems, with a view to minimising it's role as a vector for transmission. Access it here.

Travelling abroad/Returning to UK during Covid 19

Civil Service HR have produced this guide and FAQ on leaving or returning to the UK during the pandemic. Access it here.

Guide to Accessible Virtual Meetings

A guide to best practice around accessibility and equalities issues that arrise from virtual meeitngs. Access it here.

Estates Actions in Preparation for Returning to Site

You can read an extensive list of actions neccessary in order to make buildings safe for any return to work here.

Site Return Business Justification Individual Risk Assessment

An example of what the business case justification risk assessment for an individual attending an office site would look like in relation to Covid-19. Access it here.

Returning to Work Guide: Employees/Managers

This is the guide for Employees and Line Managers on the procedure around returning to office working and a roadmap to the considerations that must be taken.

Access it here.


HR Guidance & FAQs

The Civil Service HR have produced Official Guidance for staff and FAQs for that Guidance.

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