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International Justice Day  - 15 June 2020

Dear GMB Member,

The 15 June will mark the 30th anniversary of International Justice Day. A day where we commemorate the past struggles of cleaners and security workers and campaign for fairness justice and respect. This year it is more important than ever!


Call for Member Testimonials, Photos and Videos!

We’re asking GMB members to join workers across the world as part of International Justice Day, to take a picture or video standing in solidarity with our Public Health Protectors! Stand at a safe 2m distance, alongside your cleaning colleagues, and to make a video or photographic testimonial!

We particularly want to build solidarity between our members who are more in the public focus as Key Workers, in every sector from Manufacturing to Education, to Health & Social Care and the front line workers who are less visible during Thursday’s mass-clappening, cleaners, domestic workers, security and facilities workers who operate the hidden front line of this pandemic, keeping public space clean and above all safe.


We’d like you to start with the phrase:


We’d like you to end with the phrase:

"Don't just call us Heroes! Support our Union’s Demands!"


What you say will be different depending on where you work. It’s a personal testimonial to what you value about your colleagues and the work they do in your workplace,. If you don’t want to do a video, you can take a photo of the two of you, standing together at 2m distance, with a written statement.

Remember a picture is worth 1000 words!

It doesn’t have to be long, just from the heart!

Tag your local branch, region, and share other members’ videos!

Your union locally will have it’s own campaign issues for these workers and with their employer, but in case here’s some suggestions on what you might want to speak about:

Personal Protective Equipment

Access to COVID-19 Testing

Paid Sick Leave & Isolating

Decent Pay for Valuable Work

Union Recognition & Rights


The economic, social and health impact of Covid 19 has fallen disproportionately on low paid workers who until recently were considered “low skilled”, and on BAME communities in particular still reeling from bearing the brunt of 10 years of austerity and the hostile environment. Whilst the virus doesn’t discriminate, it’s clear society does.

These workers deserve to be celebrated, valued, heard, and protected as keyworkers. We are asking GMB members to use social media and post your videos and pictures on 15th June and mark all of your posts using the hashtags and images below.

Kind regards, Sharon Wilde - National Officer




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