GMB Health & Safety Branch or Workplace of the Year - The John McClean Award 2024

John McClean, GMB’s former Head of Health, Safety and Environment, sadly passed away in August 2022.

John spent more than two decades fighting for better health and safety standards at work for GMB members. In doing this, he was never interested in individual recognition or credit, and was always quick to ensure collective involvement in every campaign he organised.

The General Secretary has therefore decided to honour John’s memory by creating an award to recognise branches and/or workplaces who have worked as a team to recruit and organise members to improve health and safety standards.

This award celebrates the positive difference that GMB Safety Reps can make in the workplace. We want to recognise those teams who have made a real difference to the working lives of the members they represent.

We are asking GMB members to nominate teams of Health & Safety reps who have made an outstanding contribution to workplace safety, often in the face of opposition from employers.

Please fill in the online form by International Workers' Memorial Day 28th April 2024. Nominations will be considered by the General Secretary and the awards presented to the winners at GMB Congress, held in Bournemouth from 9th to 13th June 2024.

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