Adults spend 1.5 years on toilet - disabled people no different

12 Jun 2022
Press Office

Press Office

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GMB Congress calls for legislation to make workplace disabled toilet access easier, with wipes and incontinence pads widely available  

An average adult spends more than one and a half years on the toilet and disabled people are no different, GMB Congress heard today [12 June 2022] 

The union today passed a motion calling for legislation to make disabled toilet access easier in the work place.  

Facilities should be located in the centre of the room to allow for two carers to help transfer to a toilet.  

Wipes and incontinence pads should be available in all workplace toilets, the motion adds.  

GMB’s annual congress takes place in Harrogate, Yorkshire, from 12 – 16 June.  

Jo Pitchford, GMB Delegate, said:

“The average adult goes to the toilet between 4 and 10 times a day and spends more than 1.5 years on the toilet.  

“If a person holds in their urine, they are more like to have a UTI which can lead to infections, confusion and possible falls which can lead to trauma and hospital visits and death. 

“GMB believes everyone should have the right to dignity whilst on the toilet.  

“Everyone should be able to use the toilet with space to meet their needs and everyone - not matter their ability - should be able to access a toilet that is adequate for them.” 

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