Arlington Automotive boot disabled workers 'out the door'

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 24 June 2020
GMB Trade Union - Arlington Automotive boot disabled workers 'out the door'

Arlington Automotive has landed in hot water yet again over failure to properly support more than 50 disabled workers it has sacked.

Arlington’s employees, who were transferred over from the now-defunct government scheme Remploy, were told to try and claim their redundancies off the government instead.

The administrators for Arlington, Duff and Phelps, have failed to hand over paperwork for the workers’ time at Remploy, forcing many disabled workers to find their own evidence to support redundancy claims.

The troubled car parts manufacturer, which was caught out dodging more than £1.1m in redundancy payments for its disabled workers, with one employee losing more than £50,000 built up over a lifetime of service.

Rebecca Mitchell, GMB Organiser said:

“Once again Arlington has disgraced itself by failing to give even the smallest amount of support to the dozens of disabled workers it has booted out the door.

“Many of these workers are non-verbal and can’t read - how can anyone expect them to put through multiple claims from the government?

“They’ve just been sacked in the middle of a global pandemic; they’re trying to find new jobs and a new life while Arlington make their life that much harder. It’s pointless and totally cruel.

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