Birmingham equal pay delay costing taxpayer £20,000 an hour

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 19 July 2023
GMB Trade Union - Birmingham equal pay delay costing taxpayer £20,000 an hour

GMB Union has today launched its Birmingham Equal Pay Clock, calculating the expected cost for Birmingham City Council to settle its equal pay liability.

Figures released by the Council state that the council’s equal pay liability could be increasing by as much as £14,000,000 a month, £466,666 a day, £19,444 an hour and £342 a minute.

This comes as the Council announced mandatory spending restrictions at the authority after the council leadership accepted the liability is already estimated to be as high as £760Million.

Michelle McCrossen, GMB Organiser, said:

“Every second that equal pay is kicked into the long grass adds to the eventual cost the Council faces to settle and end the discrimination.

“We’ve been warning the Council leadership about this for a long time.

“Now they’ve accepted the scale of the problem, our city just cannot afford any further delay on fixing the problem and compensating these women workers.

“The Council’s own calculations estimate their liability growing by as much as a staggering £14,000,000 a month; that’s almost £500,000 every single day.

“The Birmingham Equal Pay clock is a reminder from working women at the Council that delay is not an option.

“It’s time for the Council to pay what they owe and work with GMB to deliver pay justice, once and for all.”

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