Gas levy 'massive step in wrong direction'

Posted by GMB Admin
Monday 11 October 2021
GMB Trade Union - Gas levy 'massive step in wrong direction'

GMB, the energy union, described a proposed gas levy to fund low carbon heating as a ‘massive step in the wrong direction’.

Andy Prendergast, GMB National Secretary, said:

“At a time of rocketing gas prices, the last thing either the public or business need is extra taxes on what is an essential utility.

"The decision to tax users ignores the necessity of gas for most homes, or its importance to industry.

"Whilst investment in new low carbon heat sources is necessary, penalising as users alone is unfair and will add pressure to users already struggling with high bills.

“It also risks pushing been towards electric heating which will simply add pressure to an already struggling electric grid.

“We have always argued that the only way to raise investment without penalising those less able to afford it is to do so through general taxation.”

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