Goodfish cancel Christmas bonus for striking members in St Asaph

Posted by GMB Admin
Friday 8 October 2021
GMB Trade Union - Goodfish cancel Christmas bonus for striking members in St Asaph

Goodfish have doubled down in a bad tempered dispute with workers at the company’s St Aspah site by cancelling the staff’s bonus for the quarter up to September 2021.

The company have also warned workers that there will be no bonus leading up to Christmas.

The dispute takes place as hardworking staff ask for a pay rise after accepting last year’s pay freeze due to the economic uncertainty thrown up by the covid pandemic.

Despite the global uplift Goodfish have claimed there is no money for a pay rise this year, whilst at the same time advertising for new staff and offering a bonus scheme.

They also sent an email to union members this week, threatening that any misbehaviour on the picket line will be dealt with ‘in the most serious way’.

GMB have called Goodfish’s actions ‘Dickensian’ and have urged the company to get back round the table before the company’s actions ‘do lasting damage’ to the workforce.

Alyn Thomas, GMB Regional Organiser said:

“It’s really sad that this is the companies first line of fire is to try and emotionally blackmail workers in the run up to Christmas.

“This is Dickensian. The company are threatening that there’ll be no money for the kids Christmas presents whilst reading members the riot act.

“It’s bad management, pure and simple. These tactics are a race to the bottom, and will do nothing to restore our members faith in the company.

“They should come back to the table soon, before their actions do lasting damage to the relationship with their staff that even a pay rise won’t fix.”

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