GMB and offshore independents make case for better energy prosperity

Posted by Jon Parker-Dean
Monday 20 November 2023
GMB Trade Union - GMB and offshore independents make case for better energy prosperity

Innovative agreement against demands of climate change and geo-political volatility

GMB, the UK’s energy union, has today (Monday 20 November) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BRINDEX (the Association of British Independent Exploration Companies) to make the case for better energy independence and prosperity as the UK transitions to net zero.

Against the demands of climate change and increasingly geo-political volatility, the innovative agreement will see both parties’ work together to:

  • Represent workers’ voice and employer concerns to better engage policymakers.
  • Make the case for pro-jobs policies and strengthening energy security.
  • Develop proposals for the future of offshore industrial relations.

The UK offshore sector employs around 30,000 people directly and supports a further 180,000 jobs across the economy. BRINDEX companies account for most of the production and investment across the UK Continental Shelf and also hold nearly two-thirds of carbon capture licenses.

Gary Smith, GMB General Secretary, said:

“Answering the energy question is central to addressing the challenges of our time, and the changes we need to make must be done with workers and not to them.

“It should be clear that if the transition is going to succeed then workers’ voices must be at the heart of the plans and policies needed to meet the UK’s net zero obligations, and so too must be the concerns of the industries that support these livelihoods.

“When GMB said the country needed “plans and not bans” if we want better energy independence and prosperity, we meant it.

“This agreement is about recognising the importance of our offshore sector in that energy and industrial mix, now and in the future, and making the case for it.”

Robin Allan, Chairman of BRINDEX, added:

“Now more than ever, the UK needs a strong and investable North Sea that ensures security of energy and good quality jobs.

“This agreement with the GMB Trade Union heralds a new era of cooperation that will help ensure the country does not squander its energy inheritance and can prosper through the energy transition, as the global market becomes increasingly competitive.”

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