GMB warn price cap rise would be more evidence of “shambolic” policies

05 Aug 2021
Press Office

Press Office

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Commenting ahead of tomorrow morning’s (Friday 6 August) scheduled announcement by the UK’s energy market regulator OFGEM, and the likelihood of an increase in the energy price cap, GMB General Secretary Gary Smith, the union for energy workers, warned:

“An increase would be further evidence of the UK’s increasingly shambolic energy and industrial policies, piling pressure on the poorest households while increasing our dependence on energy imports.

“That’s a recipe for failure, not just for jobs and consumers, but also for the UK’s security of supply and our net zero ambitions.

“Ahead of COP 26, this should be the moment where the government starts taking its responsibilities seriously in tackling the climate crisis.

“Ministers must stop the mass export of green jobs and build the future here, recognise the realities of our gas needs over the next generation, and deliver a plan for jobs and investment that ensures affordability and security of supply on the road to 2050.”


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