Government must answer for actions over care home deaths

29 Jul 2020
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Ministers ignored science, evidence and GMB Union as 20,000 died in care homes

GMB, the union for care workers, says the Government must be made to answer for their actions over 20,000 care home deaths.

The cross-party Public Accounts Committee said in a report that advising hospitals to discharge thousands of patients into care homes without knowing if they had coronavirus was a "reckless" and "appalling" policy error.

Kelly Andrews, GMB Care Lead, said:

"More and more proof is coming to the surface showing just how incompetent this Government's handling of the pandemic has been.

"They have ignored the science, ignored clear evidence presented to them and failed to protect the older people leading to almost 20,000 deaths in care homes.

"GMB warned the Government from the start that they were failing to protect care home residents and workers.

"There is no excuse for what they have done and they should be made to answer for their actions - or lack of them."

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