'Massive public backlash' against Wilko plans to slash sick pay

09 Mar 2020
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Press Office

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Wilko must listen to the public and workers and cancel their ill-thought-out plans to cut sick pay for tens of thousands of staff, says GMB Union.

The company plans to cut sick pay entitlement for every member of staff in stores and distribution centres. There will be no company sick after the first occasion of sickness. Anyone who has been with the company for less than a year is entitled to no sick pay at all from Wilko.

Even long-standing staff will only be eligible for sick pay on one occasion per year.

Gary Carter, GMB National Officer, said:

“There has been massive public backlash over Wilko’s plan to slash sick pay for tens of thousands of workers – the company needs to listen.

“On social media there is talk of store boycotts and Wilko is now facing potential strike action by GMB members in distribution centres and stores.

“Wilko needs to recognise the public and their employees are horrified by these plans to cut sick pay - especially with the threat of coronavirus.

“At a time when other employers and government are extending sick pay, Wilko cutting back is out of step and socially irresponsible.

“GMB is calling on Wilko to do the right thing by their employees and customers and withdraw the cuts to sick pay."

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