Scotland must bid for Rolls Royce jobs

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Wednesday 2 February 2022
GMB Trade Union - Scotland must bid for Rolls Royce jobs

Scottish Government's opposition to nuclear power 'leaving workers behind'

Scotland must bid for the jobs and funding available as Rolls Royce builds a new fleet of small modular reactors, GMB Union says. 

In a letter to the Energy Minister Michael Matheson MSP, the union says the Scottish Government’s opposition to nuclear power is ‘leaving Scotland’s workers behind’

Rolls Royce has written to several of England’s regional development bodies and the Welsh government asking them to pitch for the manufacturing site, promising investment of up to £200 million and the creation of up to 200 direct jobs

Scotland must make a bid for these valuable jobs and funding, GMB union says. 

Drew Duffy, GMB Senior Organiser, said: 

“Nuclear workers and GMB members across Scotland are in danger of once again being left behind due to the Scottish Government’s continued opposition to nuclear power. 

“EDF sites at Hunterston and Torness have skilled workforces who now face their lives being uprooted as their jobs move to the rest of the UK where new nuclear opportunities are being seized. 

"This is not about party politics; this is about protecting the jobs and incomes of Scottish workers, meeting Scotland’s energy needs and achieving net zero through a real just transition. 

"The Scottish Government needs to outline if it's opposed to these jobs being in Scotland. If not, then they must begin immediate discussions with Rolls Royce to bid for the factory and the jobs it will bring." 

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