UK energy needs 'plans not bans'

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Tuesday 6 June 2023
GMB Trade Union - UK energy needs 'plans not bans'

The UK’s energy sector needs ‘plans not bans’ GMB General Secretary told the union’s annual conference.

Gary Smith said Labour is ‘getting ready for power’ but it would be a be a ‘huge mistake to put all the nation’s eggs in one energy basket’.

Mr Smith travelled to Washington earlier this year to meet members of the Biden administration to talk about US energy policy - before discussing his findings with the Labour Party to help inform Labour’s developing energy strategy.

Gary Smith, GMB General Secretary, said:

“We want a Labour government and it is clear that under Keir Starmer, Labour is getting ready for power.

“Energy is key. The energy we are going to need in the future, isn’t guaranteed. We still import too much from the rest of the world.

“We have to fix and secure our energy supply if we are to face down threats from authoritarian regimes in the world and find a workable way to achieve net-zero.

“But, our future requires a mix of energy sources – new nuclear, renewables, hydrogen, and oil and gas.

“It would be a huge mistake to put all the nation’s eggs in one energy basket.

“Earlier in the year I met with trade union comrades from the USA and members of the Biden administration.

“I heard how they are transforming their economy and country, bringing manufacturing jobs home and securing their energy future through a balanced mix of resources. All as part of the journey to net-zero.

“They believe in plans not bans.

“Plans built around unionised, decent jobs.”

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