Water companies must be made legally responsible for dumped sewage

19 Nov 2021
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Press Office

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GMB Union says water companies must be made legally responsible for the untreated sewage they dump. 

The call comes as the Environment Agency and Ofwat begin an investigation into sewage treatment works, after water companies admitted they may have illegally released untreated sewage into rivers and waterways. [1] 

Gary Carter, GMB National Officer, said: 

“GMB represents thousands of workers in privatised water companies who care passionately about the environment – they welcome this investigation. 

“The huge sums paid out to water bosses – and in dividends to shareholders  - should have been invested our rivers and waterways and improving services for consumers, including a pay rise for the water workers who are leaving the industry in droves. 

“The Government has sat on the side-lines for too long – it's time they stepped in and made water companies legally responsible for the untreated sewage they dump in our waterways. “ 

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