Win for GMB tattoo artists as government says studios can reopen

13 Jul 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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Following GMB pressure, reopening of tattoo studios ‘inked In’ for Monday

GMB’s tattoo artist members are celebrating after the government responded to pressure from the union and said studios can reopen.

Ministers have announced tattooists can begin work again in England from today (Monday, July 13).

GMB wrote to government Minister Paul Scully demanding tattoo and piercing workers be allowed to open after the earlier opening of be hairdressers and barbers.

Tattoo artists said the lockdown had left the industry ‘desperate’ with tattooists losing their businesses, homes and even taking their own lives.

Richard Stevens, GMB Rep and TPIU former branch president, said:

“We’re glad that the government has seen sense and moved to allow us to open.

“This is excellent news for thousands of tattoo artists across England, allowing the industry to rebuild and giving them a chance at sustaining their livelihood.

“There was a serious risk of the industry being driven underground, which could have led to increased pressure on the NHS during the covid-19 crisis. Nobody wants that.”

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