What are Self-Organised Groups?

Self-Organised Groups

GMB Women Workers

GMB Race

GMB Disabled Workers

GMB LGBT+ Workers

GMB Young Workers

GMB regions have self-organised groups (SOGs) which bring together workers from groups that face discrimination, underrepresentation, or barriers because of their identity.

To fight discrimination and prejudice at work, people who are directly affected - people with ‘lived experience’ - must lead and be heard in our union. People who experience discrimination are the experts in tackling it, so our work in each equality strand is led by members of that strand.

SOGs provide a safer space for members facing issues or barriers in the workplace due to their gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality/gender identity or young age. Getting active in an SOG is a great way to get involved in campaigning to make work better.

What self-organised groups can I join?

  • GMB Sisters – for women members
  • GMB Race – for Black, Asian and ethnic minority members
  • GMB Disabled workers – for disabled members
  • GMB Shout – for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) members
  • GMB Young Members – for members 30 years old and under

How do they work?

The members of each SOG decide how often to meet. Members decide what workplace issues to focus on each year, with support from their Regional Equality Officer.

GMB self-organised groups:

  • Create workplace campaigns to support members - including for trans and non-binary equality, hate crime, period dignity and the menopause
  • Organise equality conferences and training
  • Send members and motions on important topics to TUC equality conferences and GMB Congress
  • Represent GMB at Pride, community events and anti-fascist demonstrations all over the UK and Ireland.

Get involved today: Contact your Regional Equality Officer

TUC Conferences and Committees

The TUC holds four equality conferences every year - Black Workers, LGBT+ Workers, Women Workers and Disabled Workers - plus the Young Workers Conference. The conferences bring together members of each equality strand, debating the next steps for worker liberation. GMB regions send GMB members to all the conferences.

Each conference is planned by a TUC Committee: the Race Relations, LGBT+, Women and Disabled Workers Committees and the Young Workers Forum. These committees are made up of ordinary trade union members like you.

If you want to attend a TUC conference or be one of GMB's members on the committees, get in touch with your region. We always want new people involved!

Download a guide to standing for TUC Committees

Get involved today: Contact your Regional Equality Officer

Monaghan Report

In 2020, an independent report into sexual harassment, culture and equality at GMB was published and a taskforce was formed to advise on changes needed. You can read updates on this important work here.

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