Menopause in the workplace

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The menopause is a workplace issue. There are over 40 symptoms of the menopause which include night sweats, hot flushes, heavy bleeding, mood swings and fatigue. For many women these symptoms have a significant impact on their working lives. 

GMB activists up and down the country have been campaigning and representing members around the menopause as a workplace issue for many years.  

This has included preventing members being disadvantaged at work because of their symptoms and because of the stigma of discussing menopause at work. 

This toolkit includes factsheets (PDF version available here), a model workplace policy, a model workplace survey and video. The aim is to utilise the experience and work of GMB activists and members to push for a more progressive and inclusive approach to supporting those who experience menopause.  

We also want to smash the stigma around who experiences experiences the menopause - to include younger women and trans, non-binary and intersex people. 


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