Minimum Wage


GMB fought to get a National Minimum Wage, it’s important that we make sure everyone gets the pay that they are entitled to. If you are being paid less than the Minimum Wage, your employer could be breaking the law. Get in touch with your GMB rep or region. 

Understanding the Minimum Wage

GMB and fellow trade unions fought long and hard to get a minimum wage for all workers. It should be a higher minimum wage, and we’ll keep campaigning for that, but it’s important to make sure the minimums that are in place now are at the very least enforced. 

If you are not being paid the minimum wage, or are having deductions taken from your pay that you don’t think are right or lawful, you should get in touch with your workplace rep or speak to your GMB region. If it’s happening to you, it could be happening to other people in your workplace and we need to sort that out. 


What is the Minimum Wage?

The Minimum Wage is the legal minimum people have to be paid at work, and it is calculated on an hourly rate. It is illegal for employers to pay less than that. It varies based on age. As of April 2022, that figure is: 

  • National Living Wage (23 and over) £9.50 
  • 21-22 Year Olds £9.18 
  • 18-20 Year Olds £6.83
  • 16-17 Year Olds £4.81
  • Apprentice Rate £4.81

I am not being paid the Minimum Wage, what shall I do?

You employer could be breaking the law. Contact GMB straight away. Click here to find your region and reps. 

I am under 25 and get paid less than people I work alongside, is that legal?

Unfortunately, the Minimum Wage is different for different age groups. GMB is campaigning to end this, because if you’re doing the same work you should get the same pay, but right now the pay rates are different.

I earn the Minimum Wage on paper but my employer deducts things from my pay and sometimes makes me get here early or leave late without paying me for my time – are they allowed to do that?

If you’re paid the minimum wage and your employer insists that you come in early or work late then they could be breaking the law. If you already earn the legal minimum then any deduction from your pay or enforced unpaid work time could mean you are earning less than the minimum wage when you calculate an average hourly rate. You should get in touch with GMB straight away. 

I’m an agency worker, am I entitled to the Minimum Wage?

Yes, all workers are entitled to the Minimum Wage. 


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