Charnwood faces 'eye-watering' £6.5 million bill for privatised bins.

Posted by Jon Parker-Dean
Wednesday 7 February 2024
GMB Trade Union - Charnwood faces 'eye-watering' £6.5 million bill for privatised bins.

Brining the service back in house could save enough to pay for as many as four new play parks, says GMB.

Charnwood residents face an 'eye-watering' £6.5 million bill for privatised bin services, GMB Union has revealed.

A Freedom of Information request by the union shows Charnwood Borough Council budgeted more than £6.5 million for waste and refuse services for 2023/24 alone.

Currently the authority outsources all refuse services to a private contractor, Serco, a company which has announced more than £200 million profits in recent years.

Council bosses are due to begin the process of tendering for the service this year, which includes the option to bring Charnwood’s refuse services back under council control.

Nearby Hinkley & Bosworth Council, with in-house council run services, budgeted almost £1 million less than Charnwood Borough Council for waste services in the same period.

Jim Clarke, GMB Organiser, said:

“We’re talking about an eye-watering sum that surely isn’t value for money for local taxpayers.

“Local people are asking why nearby areas with council run bin services are looking at savings close to £1 million a year – enough to pay for four new play parks for local families.

“The council are about to tender for who handles our borough’s waste; it’s time for councillors to do the right thing and bring this service back in house.”

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