Major pay boost for Plymouth council drivers

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 5 January 2022
GMB Trade Union - Major pay boost for Plymouth council drivers

Refuge drivers for Plymouth City Council have won a 12.6 percent pay rise through a dispute with their employer and GMB union

GMB members working in refuse at Plymouth City council are celebrating after the council agreed a whopping 12.6 percent pay rise for HGV drivers working for the council.

This will see some hard pressed council staff earn almost an extra £3000.

The move comes as demand for HGV drivers skyrocketed in recent months, with GMB telling the council to act quick or lose experienced drivers to other professions.

The union believes that the award means that ‘members are finally being paid a fair rate’ and that the councils speed in responding means there will be fewer extra pressures on Plymouth’s refuse and waste service in the coming weeks. 

Matt Roberts, GMB Organiser said:  

"With demand for HGV drivers going through the roof, the council had to move quick or lose experienced drivers to other roles.

“HGV drivers have been undervalued for too long, and its great that now our members are being paid a fair rate for highly skilled work.

“This move will mean that is no extra pressure put on the refuse service in the coming months. It’s another example of where a unionised workforce is good for the Employer and employee, a win, win.” 

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