Staff to walk out as Panasonic pull plug on pay rise in Cardiff

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 13 October 2021
GMB Trade Union - Staff to walk out as Panasonic pull plug on pay rise in Cardiff

Staff at Panasonic’s depot in Pontprennau are set to walk out on strike action after the company withdrew from pay talks.

The dispute arose after the company failed to offer a substantial pay increase for 2021, in return for staff taking a pay freeze last year to combat the worst of the covid19 pandemic.

Staff overwhelmingly rejected the company's initial 1% offer, which with inflation soaring equated to a real terms pay cut.

Panasonic then responded by withdrawing the 1% and closed pay negotiations, in effect implementing a pay freeze.

Infuriated members have now voted for strike action, which could see staff downing tools this autumn.

GMB is consulting on strike dates soon, with action expected in the next few weeks.

Nicola Savage GMB regional organiser said:

“Staff feel that they’ve had the rug pulled from under them after doing their bit last year by taking a hit in their pay packet for the greater good.

“Members are frustrated and feel the only move left is to vote with their feet. After the last two years it’s hardly unreasonable for staff to expect a real pay rise.

“However, it is unreasonable to throw your toys out of the pram and close negotiations when you don’t like what your colleagues are saying.

“Panasonic need to come back to the table, recognise they’ve got it wrong and stick their hands in their pocket and offer a real pay rise that recognises our members hard work and sacrifice over the last year.”

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