Rishi’s big numbers will have a small impact in Wales

03 Mar 2021
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Press Office

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Commenting on today’s budget speech from the chancellor Rishi Sunak, Mike Payne GMB senior organiser said: 

“It was nice for the chancellor to name check a few Welsh places with some headline grabbing schemes, but if he really wanted to make a difference he should have given the Welsh Government to tools to tackle low pay. 

“Throughout the pandemic it’s been those in insecure work and on the lowest wages that have borne the brunt of the risk of the virus – and from the chancellor’s words today, there will be little reward for all their efforts. 

“It’s also telling that he’s refused to commit to a pay rise for our NHS workers who have been at the forefront of fighting this pandemic, leaving with them with warm words and little else. 

“In the coming years, when the Tories decide the time is right to reboot their austerity programme it will be these same people who suffered last time, who get hit the hardest.  

“The truth is that whilst team Rishi has chased headline space and thrown about some big numbers, it will have a small impact to thousands of working people across Wales.” 

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