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Our laws decide everything from how much things cost, to how our schools and NHS are funded and what protections we have in the workplace. We support the Labour Party to get a better deal for working people and make sure they best represent our members.

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Bring water back into public ownership

Our water industry that fails the public and workers and rewards company bosses and shareholders. It's time to take back the tap

The Final Say

The Government is presiding over Brexit chaos. The people must decide where we go next

Protect the protectors

WIN! The 'Protect the Protectors' law has received Royal Assent.

As a result of the success of this campaign, emergency services staff are one step closer to the protection they need on the job.

Tell Liz Truss: stop the public sector pension swindle

Government is pinching £2.4 billion from paramedics, teaching assistants, refuse collectors and social workers. Help us win it back.

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