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Our laws decide everything from how much things cost, to how our schools and NHS are funded and what protections we have in the workplace. We support the Labour Party to get a better deal for working people and make sure they best represent our members.

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Why Politics matters to GMB members


At GMB we know how politics affects everyday life for members, politics is decisions made on how much your bills are going to be each month, the kind of education your kids will get to or the NHS or social care you receive.

In the workplace too: pay, pensions, working hours, protection from unfair dismissal, discrimination and even our ability to represent people at work are just some of the issues politicians have a say over.

So in order to stand up for members in the workplace, we need not just an industrial voice but a political one as well. That’s why GMB works to make our members’ voices heard at all levels of political decision-making.

We also work to help members understand how politics influences our workplaces and our lives, and in turn provide training and development so members can influence politics where they are to deliver positive change for members, their families and their communities.


Making a difference for members through politics


GMB works to make sure governments and politicians of all parties hear the voices of GMB members when they debate and decide on the issues that matter, and that the decisions they take benefit our members. This includes raising members' issues at Westminster where MPs in the House of Commons decide our laws, to a local level where hundreds of thousands of GMB members' jobs - and services we all rely on - depend on decisions made in local government.


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Winning for working people through Labour


GMB members helped to create the Labour Party in 1900 and has campaigned for Labour governments at all levels ever since. We believe electing into government a Party that is made by working people and committed to benefitting working people is the best way to achieve our vision of fairness, equality and social justice in the workplace and society.

GMB works to make sure Labour stands up for our members through our affiliation, with a say in decisions made at Party Conference and the Manifesto Labour goes into Government with.


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Meet the Team

Tom Warnett, Political Officer | tom.warnett@gmb.org.uk

Tom is responsible for leading on political education and candidate development - supporting many GMB members to become candidates for parliament and local government - as well as work around Labour Party reform and GMB's Councillors Network. Joining the political team in 2016, Tom brings with him 7 years of experience from working in the political department at a sister union. Over the years he has worked on numerous successful trade union and Labour Party campaigns.


Gavin Sibthorpe, Political Officer | gavin.sibthorpe@gmb.org.uk

Gavin is responsible for GMB's work on election planning and getting members involved in GMB's political campaigning. Encouraging activists to get involved in the union's political campaigns and building Team GMB in the Labour Party. Gavin joined GMB from the Labour Party where he worked on campaigns and events, including organising around national and local elections, as well as in the Leader's Office. Prior to that he comes with a background in the trade union movement including years as a senior Shop Steward and Branch Secretary for union members in the NHS and as a National Campaigns Officer for Labour Unions.


Regional Political Officers:

Drew Smith, Scotland | drew.smith@gmb.org.uk

Chris Jukes, Northern | chris.jukes@gmb.org.uk

Steve Jennings, Yorkshire and North Derbyshire | steve.jennings@gmb.org.uk

Neil Smith, North West and Irish | neil.smith@gmb.org.uk

Cerys Way, Birmingham and West Midlands | cerys.way@gmb.org.uk

Richard Oliver, Midland & East Coast | richard.oliver@gmb.org.uk

Vaughan West, London | vaughan.west@gmb.org.uk

Michelle Gordon, Southern | michelle.gordon@gmb.org.uk

Mike Payne, Wales and South West | mike.payne@gmb.org.uk

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