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Sign our petition to tell Councillor Barry Lewis and Derbyshire County Council: save Derbyshire care homes!

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Pupils have suffered enough disruption from #COVID. I'm calling on the Government to make schools safer and increase catch-up funding. Can you help? #ProtectPupils #ProtectEducation

The rapid spread of COVID-19 is disrupting the education of many children, and there are now concerns about the Omicron variant.

We’re calling on the Government to keep pupils safe to help keep them in school.

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Valeo Confectionery Ltd supply products to Marks and Spencer. Sadly, workers who make these products at Valeo have been subject to threats of ‘fire and rehire’ to impose poorer terms and conditions on their workers. We’re asking Marks and Spencer to intervene to stop these tactics and meet with GMB representatives to discuss our concerns.

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